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Real Estate Consulting

Coliving, the new trend

In recent years, a new form of life has been developing in cities: coliving. Definition, interested audiences, advantages, perspectives: focus on this real estate concept which goes far beyond simp...

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Index detail - BARNES Agency, luxury real estate in Bordeaux

Events in Bordeaux

The Médoc marathon

Want to participate in a sports race in the heart of the vineyards in a festive atmosphere? Focus on the Médoc 2020 Marathon, one of the most user-friendly long-distance races in France.

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Bordeaux, luxury real estate market in Gironde

Sunny climate, beautiful environment, proximity to the sea and important cultural offer, Bordeaux attracts many French people and foreigners by its quality of life. Known as a worldwide wine ambassador, this prestigious city which houses among other things the largest water mirror in Europe also fascinates with its buildings with facades of the eighteenth century, its castles and its squares as Pey Berland, Les Grands Hommes or the famous place de la Bourse. Between history and modernity, with its brand new tramway, its high speed railway connecting Paris in 2 hours and its now famous Cité du Vin, Bordeaux also holds on the Garonne and its public gardens to be part of the most beautiful cities where to live in France. Its dynamism and its economic growth make it also an attractive destination for investment as for work purposes, as the many digital companies that settle there show. The real estate market in Bordeaux is therefore more and more coveted.

The real estate quality and the price of the properties for sale and for rent in Bordeaux reinforce the craze around life in the Gironde prefecture. With apartments whose price per square meter is 50 to 70% cheaper than the one in Paris, many Parisians seek to rent or to invest in Bordeaux. Despite the increasing demand, buying a house close to the city center is still an accessible dream for anyone with a 500 000 € budget. Among the most requested properties are villas with swimming pool, prestigious architect houses and luxury apartments in the heart of the city. To learn more about luxury real estate in Bordeaux, Barnes Bordeaux offers you to discover hundreds of properties in the most beautiful neighborhoods of Bordeaux.