Parc Bordelais

Parc Bordelais

Un cadre de vie d'exception

History of Parc Bordelais

Bordeaux's historic green space, the Parc Bordelais was built on 28 hectares of land, first purchased in 1864 by an individual from an English wine merchant, then bought less than 20 years later by the city of Bordeaux. Originally, the park's 28 hectares consisted of vineyards, forests and fields. Landscaped by landscape architect Eugène Bühler, Parc Bordelais was inaugurated in 1888 in the presence of President Sadi Carnot. Its design is inspired by the great Parisian parks of the Second Empire. Built outside the main boulevards, the park has developed around him a residential area consisting mainly of individual homes with garden. The heterogeneous architectures combine classical influences still in vogue at the end of the 19th century, and Art Deco inspirations of the first 20th century. Some newer houses and residences punctuate the whole, not exceeding one to two floors (under roof) around the park.

The must-sees of the Parc Bordelais district

The Parc Bordelais, classified "remarkable garden", is the oldest green space in Bordeaux. A key element of the city's heritage, it has both historical value and amenity value for the inhabitants of Bordeaux. The wrought iron grilles adorn each entrance to the park. The main entrance, rue du bocage, particularly worked, is decorated with the coat of arms of the city. The garden has more than a thousand centenarians among its three thousand trees. The artificial body of water and the river surmounted by a small bridge are characteristic of the English layout. Through its pleasure farm, the park contributes to the preservation of typically local species, listed by the Regional Conservatory of Races of Aquitaine. Three remarkable statues adorn the Parc Bordelais: the bust of Camille Godard, an important donor who contributed to the development of the garden, "The Abduction of Iphigénie by Diane", and "The Vanquished".

Living near the Parc Bordelais

The edge of the Parc Bordelais offers an exceptional living environment, which presents the amenities of the countryside and the assets of the city. Quiet neighborhood that benefits from the revitalizing virtues of the 28-hectare garden, the Parc Bordelais is an ideal area for families who find a wide range of sports, relaxation and culture. The park has several entrances, General-de-Gaulle Avenue, Bocage Street, Avenue Eysines, Avenue Carnot, Park Street and Godard Street. Its paths are conducive to the practice of running like rollerblading or skateboarding. Many activities can be practiced in the park with a wide range of equipment for all ages: chess tables, ping-pong tables, electric cars, Guérin puppet theater, children's playgrounds and rides. A stone's throw from the park, Villa Primrose is a historic tennis and hockey club. The area is served by several bus lines and has a school offer. For example, the Tivoli high school enjoys a privileged location in relation to the park.

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