Bordeaux Bastide


Un quartier en plein essor

History of La Bastide

Bordeaux district located on the right bank of the Garonne, La Bastide was attached to the Gironde capital in the 19th century. It owes its name to its original status of "bastide", that is to say village built on a regular plane, in this case around the fort of Mons and a monastery. The inauguration of the Pierre Bridge in 1822 marks the beginning of the urbanization of the sector. The village of La Bastide, become district of Bordeaux in 1869, will keep a long industrial vocation. The crisis of the 70s, however, is the reason for many industrial sites and shipyards that give way to wasteland and wasteland. The entry into the 21st century marked the beginning of a total rehabilitation of the neighborhood, with the creation of new housing, schools and green spaces. The arrival of the tram in 2003 is yet another turning point for the district, directly connected to the city center on the other side.

The essentials of La Bastide

Located just in front of the Place de la Bourse, on the other side of the Garonne, the neighborhood La Bastide retains a significant architectural heritage, notably with the old Orleans station built in the mid 19th century, which houses aujourd a big cinema. The parklands of Parc des Berges and the sublime Botanical Garden offer a quality of life incomparable to the residents and workers of the neighborhood. Other buildings and monuments of different periods and architectural influences give the neighborhood a motley face: the church of Sainte-Marie-de-la-Bastide and its bell tower of the 19th century, the Cantonal House of the 30s, or the barracks of firefighters built in the 50s in the style of Le Corbusier. Facing the Garonne, the Grands moulins de Paris is one of the only industries on the right bank to have resisted the crisis of the 70s. A must-visit in La Bastide, the Darwin alternative site has invested the former Niel barracks and its 3 hectares of land. military wasteland: dedicated to sustainable development, the Darwin project allowed the installation on the site of spaces of creation and exhibition, of an urban farm, or premises of coworking, around the General Store, at the same time store bio and restaurant.

Living in the neighborhood of La Bastide

Simply separated from the city center by the bridge and a tram stop, the district of La Bastide is today very attractive and rich with many promises. The Botanical Garden, an oasis in the city, is a place for walking, relaxing and endless discoveries. Dynamic, the neighborhood is both a place of work and residence. It includes educational establishments, cultural and sports facilities and very active neighborhood associations. The Riverside Park, a family walk and running route, offers a breathtaking view of the historic center of the left city. The district of La bastide is booming: the eco-district Darwin provides, at the end of the project, the construction of more than 3000 housing!