quartier Saint Pierre Bordeaux


Quartier mythique du Vieux Bordeaux

History of the Saint-Pierre district

Center of an old castrum, the Saint-Pierre district is considered as the cradle of Bordeaux. It is natural that this ancient Gallo-Roman port, which will become a medieval city, took the name of the patron saint of fishermen. In the 12th century, the port is backfilled. The ramparts of the closed city will fall to the 18th, with the development of the Place de la Bourse. Remain the defensive Porte Cailhau 35 meters high and pedestrian or semi-pedestrian streets whose names recall the commercial and craft vocation of the neighborhood: the street of Argentiers, the street of Bahutiers, or the street of Chai des Farines. In the 16th century, the district is also populated by bourgeois families around the Saint-Rémi church.

The essentials of the Saint-Pierre district

The monumental Porte Cailhau, emblematic of the Saint-Pierre district, also marks the entrance to the Palace Square facing the Garonne. 35 meters high, it was built in the 15th century to commemorate the victory of Charles VIII in Fornovo. Its visit allows to admire a unique view on the stone bridge and on the roofs of the city. By staying on the Garonne side, the Place de la Bourse is reflected in its Miroir d'eau, an immense open-air aquatic art and play. Rue Fernand Philippart connects the Place de la Bourse with the Place du Parlement, remarkable with its central fountain. The charming little square Saint-Pierre, entirely paved, is shaded by the silhouette of the church of the same name. Place Camille Jullian, a cinema of art and test has arranged its 5 rooms in an old church.

Living in the Saint-Pierre district

Historic district of Bordeaux, Saint-Pierre offers to its inhabitants a rich and animated cultural life, in unusual spaces like the Utopia Saint-Siméon cinema or the space Saint-Rémi, but also of emblematic businesses like the big bookstag "La Machine à lire". The district also has several kindergartens, nursery and elementary schools, two colleges and a high school. The semi-pedestrian streets offer a pleasant tranquility, without enclosing the area: open on the Garonne and served by the tram lines, it remains the nerve center of the old Bordeaux. The prices of the district reveal its attractiveness: trendy and perpetually animated, it seduces also for the charm of its alleys and the exceptional preservation of its inheritance.