Bordeaux Saint Augustin

Saint Augustin

Vivre dans le quartier Saint-Augustin

History of the Saint-Augustin district

Built in a parish in the middle of the 19th century around its eponymous church, the Saint-Augustin district owes the name of its main streets to those of the large estates of the 17th and 18th which still dot it: mansions and castles which were then the residences of campaign of the Bordeaux aristocracy. Around 1850, Saint-Augustin is already connected to the center of Bordeaux and especially to the place of the stock exchange by omnibus. In 2005, line A of the current tramway joins the Saint-Augustin district. The history of the Saint-Augustin district is marked by the era of Chabrat factories, a military clothing workshop that brought jobs locally until 1950.

The essentials of the Saint-Augustin district

The Saint-Augustin district retains its past, first rural then urban, a beautiful built heritage, the monumental cooler Bourran built in 1775 at the castle Lescure through the small domain of Lognac. On part of the huge Lescure estate was also built in the 1920s the first sports park in Bordeaux. The Lescure depot housed thousands of horses for pulling 19th-century highways and streetcars. Amongst the treasures of the district is also the organ of the Saint Augustin Church, beautifully restored. Its location on the ground allows to admire the work and the art of the organist in action.

Living in the Saint-Augustin district

Ideally located between the city center and the west of Bordeaux, the district Saint-Augustin has all the assets of a village close to shops, cultural centers and the liveliest streets of Bordeaux. He is also riding Merignac. Crossed by line A of the tram, the district has primary schools, a college and higher schools. It is home to the Carreire University Campus. Hospital district, it is also equipped with all medical services including the university hospital. It is the ideal neighborhood if you are looking for a house with garden in full Bordeaux. If you like sports events, the Chaban-Delmas stadium is also the pride of the neighborhood!