Quinconces Bordeaux


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History of the Quinconces district

Famous place of the city center of Bordeaux, the Quinconces was created at the beginning of the 19th century on the site of the old fortress Vauban called "trumpet castle". Surrounded by buildings with classical facades, the square is shaded from 1818 trees planted staggered, hence its current name. In 1829, the esplanade facing the Garonne is decorated with two rostral columns representing trade and navigation, the first vocations of the city of Bordeaux in the 19th century. Before calling itself the Place des Quinconces in reference to its landscape architecture, the immense square had brought successively the names of the monarchs Louis XVI and Louis-Philippe. With 12 hectares, the Place des Quinconces is the largest in France. Its exceptional dimensions allow it to accommodate twice a year the great funfair of the "fair to the pleasures", a tradition uninterrupted since 1854. Between 1894 and 1902 was built on the place of the Quinconces the now famous monument to the Girondins, emblem inescapable of the city of Bordeaux erected in memory of the republican deputies Girondins victims of the Terror.

The essentials of the Quinconces district

In addition to the triumphal columns that mark its entrance Garonne side, the monument to the Girondins composed of its column and its majestic fountain with many symbolic sculptures, the Place des Quinconces is also adorned with white marble statues of Montaigne and Montesquieu. The opulent neighborhood that surrounds the square stretches along the Louis XVIII quay, to the Aquitaine Museum to the south and to the entrance of the Public Garden to the north. It is home to many major cultural sites in Bordeaux, such as the Jean Moulin National Center, the Water House, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Saint-André Cathedral, the Town Hall, the Femina Theater and the Opera House. National of Bordeaux. At 250 meters, the Place de la Bourse is reflected in its amazing Water Mirror.

Living in the neighborhood of Quinconces

The surroundings of the Place des Quinconces are quiet, dominated by opulent buildings with facades 18th and 19th. The district is served by the lines of trams B and C, which intersect at the stop "Quinconces Fleuve". They allow easy access to the north and south of Bordeaux. The river shuttles also have a boarding pontoon facing the square. The long pedestrian and cycling walk along the Garonne River is ideal for residents of the Quinconces district who wish to adopt a gentle mode of travel, to practice running or simply to walk with the family. The exceptional size of the square, which makes it one of the largest in Europe, is conducive to the regular organization of large-scale events: the biannual fair, but also punctually concerts. The aisles of Tourny receive the Christmas market and the Epicuriales of June. The resident association "Vivre aux Quinconces" offers cultural and sporting activities conducive to conviviality in the neighborhood.