Bordeaux Nansouty


Vivre à Nansouty

History of the Nansouty district

Historic crossroads between the Capucins market and the boulevards, Place Nansouty is the heart of a lively and residential area. Old Faubourg open both on the city and the farmland of Bordeaux, the Nansouty area becomes a real neighborhood in the 19th century, when are built the bourgeois houses along its courses. Many businesses are established around the square. The popular classes also invest the neighborhood, now famous for its beautiful stalls. Its past Faubourg has left the Nansouty neighborhood a village soul, especially around the church of St. Genevieve. Long known as Place de la Pyramide, the place took the name of Nansouty in 1865, in honor of a general of the Napoleonic army.

The essentials of the Nansouty district

The district Nansouty is famous for the beautiful facades of its bourgeois houses carved stones and stalls. Crossroads of the very long rue Malbec, the course of the Yser and the course of the Somme, Place Nansouty is decorated with a fountain built in 1876. Its surroundings, recently rehabilitated, are decorated with green spaces and benches public. A little further, the church of Sainte-Geneviève draws its elegant silhouette between the stalls and the individual gardens: built in the 20th century in a Roman-Byzantine style, it sports a facade adorned with a remarkable mosaic created in 2009 by Thierry Hochard . On the borders of the Nansouty district, the Tour de France Companions museum exhibits many masterpieces.

Living in the Nansouty district

A friendly and lively neighborhood, the Place Nansouty area is popular for its many individual townhouses, old bourgeois mansions or typical stalls. Few squares are present, the many private gardens bring a lot of greenery and flowers to the streets. Neighborhood associations, very active, provide many activities throughout the year. The inhabitants find many local shops around Nansouty square as well as on the courses of the Yser and Somme. As for sport, they can count on the Brun stadium and the Pauline Kergomard street gymnasium. Spacious townhouses and student studios coexist in the Nansouty district, allowing a beautiful mix of populations and generations. The area is strategically very well located to access the Victory campus, the train station or the historic center of Bordeaux. Parking solutions are much more numerous than in other areas of the city.