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Barrière du Médoc

Quartier paisible et citadin

History of the Barrière du Médoc district in Le Bouscat

During the 19th century, the city of Bordeaux experienced strong economic and demographic expansion, leading to unprecedented urban growth. Thus, the Barrière du Médoc district was created in the 1850s in order to respond to this growth, as a residential suburb intended for the middle classes. The district takes its name from an old gateway to the city of Bordeaux where there was a customs post and called "the barrier of the Médoc".
The district was designed according to the principle of Haussmann town planning and thus features wide tree-lined avenues, spacious sidewalks and buildings in the neo-classical style.
Over time, the Barrière du Médoc district in Le Bouscat has become a popular residential area where you can find beautiful bourgeois houses, gardens and parks.

The essentials of the Barrière du Médoc district in Le Bouscat

The Barrière du Médoc district is a dynamic and lively district of the city offering many activities to do and discover. This district is home to the Chêneraie park, a 4-hectare green space, ideal for a walk with family or friends thanks to its many walking paths. Every Saturday morning, don't miss the Bouscat market, a traditional market offering a wide variety of fresh, local products. Many high-end shops and boutiques are located at the Barrière du Médoc. In addition, it is a place of life rich in discovery in which life is good.

Living in the Barrière du Médoc district of Le Bouscat

Barrière du Médoc is an upscale and lively district offering a wide choice of accommodation, ranging from bourgeois houses to luxury apartments but also small medium-sized buildings. Real estate prices can be relatively high due to the quality of life offered by the district but also its proximity to the city of Bordeaux. Living in Barrière du Médoc in Bouscat means living close to large private schools in Bordeaux renowned for the quality of their teaching, from kindergarten to high school. The Barrière du Médoc district is very well served by public transport, with several bus lines and line D of the tramway.
In short, the Barrière du Médoc district is a pleasant and peaceful place to live, offering a high quality of life to its inhabitants. Discover this district with our real estate agency in Bordeaux.