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Bordeaux specialties

Discover the local sweets and typical Bordeaux delicacies, not to be missed!

spécialité bordeaux

Have you just purchased a property in Bordeaux and are discovering the region? Do not miss the typical Bordeaux delicacies: Barnes Bordeaux directs you to the most famous houses to taste the local sweets.

The canelé

Very recognizable by its cylindrical shape of 5 cm by 5 cm, the canelé is a small soft cake traditionally flavored with vanilla and rum. Its cooking in a small fluted copper mold gives it its typical shape, but also its fine caramelization on the surface. Very fashionable in the 1930s, it hardly remains in vogue except among the traditional Bordeaux bourgeoisie after the Second World War. It gradually regains its appeal from the 80s, regularly promoted by the mayor of the city Jacques Chaban-Delmas. Sold in many Gironde bakeries and pastry shops, Bordeaux canelé is also eaten in specialized establishments. Baillardran canelés, for example, are among the most famous: the house, whose shops are located in the Cours de l'Intendance, cours du 30-Juillet, at the Saint-Jean station, rue de la porte Dijeaux, rue Judaïque, rue des Trois-Conils or Place Gambetta, sell small pastries in boxes as well as canelé molds. La Toque cuivrée is another essential canelés brand in Bordeaux, with outlets located on rue Sainte-Catherine and place Gambetta.

The Saint Emilion Macaron

Another specialty of Saint-Emilion after the famous world-renowned wines, the macaroon is a pastry made since the beginning of the 17th century by the religious community of the Ursulines. The original recipe is passed down from generation to generation in a very confidential manner. Today Nadia Fermigier is the only person to hold the historic recipe for Saint-Emilion macaroons dating from 1620: her factory is located in the heart of Saint-Emilion, rue Guadet, next to the post office. Made every day in an artisanal way and from fresh products, Saint-Emilion macaroons are an essential specialty to discover if you have just bought or rented a property in Bordeaux. Their composition is natural, without the use of coloring or preservatives. They can therefore be kept in a cool place for a fortnight after their manufacture. You can enjoy them with a glass of champagne or wine, but also during coffee time. For an ideal tasting, be sure to remove your macaroons from the refrigerator about an hour before serving them. Barely 200 meters from the macaroons factory, the Parvis des Thés tea room run by Nadia Fermigier's daughter is also a perfect place to discover Saint-Emilion macaroons and other homemade pastries accompanied by a cup. of excellent tea or rare coffee.

The White Dunes

A Girondine specialty born in Cap Ferret from the gourmet inspiration of chef Pascal Lucas, the white dune is a cream puff covered in icing sugar. Its creator sells them by the hundreds around the Arcachon basin and in Bordeaux, in his Chez Pascal boutiques. The white dunes are available in five double flavors: nutella and dark chocolate, sesame nougatine, salted butter caramel, and white chocolate and raspberry. The white dunes of Pascal Lucas have for origin a beautiful family history. Their name pays homage to a beach in Cap Ferret. The recipe for the cream that garnishes the puffs and makes them so special is confidential. In the shops of Cap Ferret, Arcachon and Bordeaux opened thanks to the success of the Dunes Blanches, the cabbages are prepared the same day, on demand. The dunes are therefore always extra fresh. In Arcachon and Bordeaux, Pascal Lucas' boutiques are exclusively devoted to the white dunes, which are sold individually and in a box. Have you just moved into a property in Bordeaux? Discover the Chez Pascal boutique on rue de la Vieille-Tour and let yourself be charmed by these small pastries offered in a decor reminiscent of the beaches and the ocean.

The Well of Love

This pastry with a charming name was born in Captieux. Typically Girondine, it is honored in Bordeaux by the Seguin house, which has made it its specialty. There are three shops in the family-owned Seguin pastry shop in Bordeaux city center, in the districts of Victoire, Caudéran and Chartrons. You can taste the sweet Gironde pastry at 58 cours Portal, 160 avenue Charles-de-Gaulle, as well as at the Capucins market every morning from Wednesday to Sunday. Each cake sells for around one euro. Love wells are composed of a cabbage dough shaped like a tartlet, cooked with a chiboust cream, that is to say a light pastry cream and lightly meringue with egg whites whipped to snow. The love well has been the specialty of Maison Seguin since 1944. Today, it offers the creamy bite in a