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Museum of the Sea and Marine of Bordeaux

Bordeaux has always been linked to the ocean. Its majestic Marine Museum, thanks to art, the natural universe and the history of men and the sea, reminds us how essential this vibrant space of freedom is to us.

musee mer marine bordeaux

Our real estate agency in Bordeaux makes you discover the Museum of the Sea and the Marine.

Discovering the oceans and navigation

Both a museum and a crossroads of exchanges, the majestic Musée Mer Marine redraws the history of humanity and the unification of a world now open thanks to maritime adventures. A permanent route of 6000 m2 guides the visitor through the oceans, the history of expeditions and marine discoveries. Between natural sciences and adventure, multiple works by international artists highlight the paradoxes, the vital aspect and the fragility of ocean spaces. In three thematic exhibitions on three floors, the museum reminds us how much this moving natural heritage that Man has always sought to tame without succeeding has allowed the meeting and mutual enrichment of worlds that were unknown to each other. At the center of this permanent journey, the “Horizon Liberté” exhibition makes us aware of the difficulty of men in gaining their freedom over the centuries in this universe that is both nourishing and dangerous. Impressive models of ships from all eras take us on the themes of "Casting off the moorings", Bordeaux-Americas "and" From Ulysses to today's migrants ". On each floor, a scenography based on the latest multimedia technologies challenges the visitor-explorer on its essential character and the importance of protecting this exceptional natural heritage.

Temporary exhibitions

If its primary vocation concerns the sea and the navy, the MMM wants above all to be a space for sharing arts and knowledge, a place of mediation where no theme is banned. Thus, its creators have reserved a large space for temporary exhibition halls and created a state-of-the-art auditorium with 300 seats for events, conferences and meetings shared with all the curious. Throughout the program, people from the sea, members of the scientific community and the general public meet there around screenings and artistic workshops.

The first temporary exhibition dedicated to National Geographic even before the official opening of this new museum was a great success. Until October 2019, it is a native of Gironde, the designer Jean-Jacques Sempé who is in the honor of the second temporary exhibition entitled "Sempé in freedom, itinerary of a cartoonist of humor". Freedom is once again put in the spotlight through the caustic spirit and the acerbic trait of this Bordeaux designer who (in addition to prestigious literary collaborations and illustrations on the front page of the New Yorker or Paris-Match) is well known as the creator of Petit Nicolas. Several unpublished plates are among the hundreds of drawings presented by the exhibition.

Times and prices of the Maritime and Marine Museum

In the heart of the Bordeaux watershed, the Maritime and Marine Museum offers easy access.

For this, the permanent route, the temporary exhibitions and the auditorium are accessible all year round: Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and until 7 p.m. on weekends and public holidays. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays as well as Christmas and New Year's Day, the museum also opens its doors every Tuesday in July and August.

The museum also plays the card of easy access through a wide range of prices adapted to different needs and categories of visitors (Full price, seniors, reduced price, youth card, price 6-17 years, family price, groups). You can opt for a visit to the permanent collection, the temporary exhibition or take a combined ticket.

Depending on the profile of visitors, entry prices range from 14 to 42 € for the permanent route, from 9 to 28 € for the temporary exhibition and from 18 to 62 € for the combined ticket. Access is free for city pass holders and children under 6.