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Place de la Victoire in Bordeaux

Light on the Place de la Victoire in Bordeaux.

Place de la Victoire à Bordeaux

A historic place in the heart of Bordeaux

Place de la Victoire is one of the most important public places in the city of Bordeaux. Indispensable for its heritage and its animation, it enjoys an ideal location in the heart of the city. The square took shape in the 18th century as part of the developments commissioned by the manager of Guyenne de Tourny, to whom Bordeaux owes a large part of its current physiognomy. The Place de la Victoire is located in the continuity of the very shopping street Sainte-Catherine, but also other major axes of the center of Bordeaux such as the Cours de la Marne which goes towards the Saint-Jean station and the Capuchin market, the course of the Somme, the course of the Argonne or even the course of the Liberation which leads to Mériadeck. 

The Pasteur course allows you to quickly reach the Pey Berland Tower and the cathedral. In the center of the square stands the Aquitaine Gate, an ancient grant which marked entry into the city. Very accessible, Place de la Victoire is served by line B of the tramway, which crosses the historic center of Bordeaux and goes up the banks of the Garonne along the Chartrons, old hangars and the Cité du Vin.

A lively place

A veritable nerve center of the city, Place de la Victoire is a place where Bordeaux residents meet: students, tourists and workers meet there every day. A former medieval fairground, Place de la Victoire remains a privileged site for the organization of various events, including concerts and outdoor shows. It is also very lively in the evening, and popular with students who find many bars and restaurants. 

Emblematic of this city historically linked to wine and its trade, a vine stock has been present on the square since the 18th century. Free from processing, it is harvested every year and allows the production of up to 30 bottles of an exceptional wine. The Bordeaux vineyard is also celebrated on the square through the ornaments of its works of art and monuments.

The heritage of Place de la Victoire

Long known for the monumental Aquitaine gate that it has housed since the 18th century, Place de la Victoire is now rich in other more recent monuments. In particular, an obelisk was erected in the center of the square in 2005. Composed of sculpted red marble blocks, this 16-meter-high column appears from rue Sainte-Catherine in line with the opening of the Aquitaine gate . 

The sculptures in the monument tell the story of wine from antiquity to the present day, making generous reference to mythological iconography. On the ground, two bronze turtles also celebrate, through their attributes, the culture of the vine. The general architecture of the square, around these works, is dominated by bourgeois buildings from the 18th century. Among the remarkable buildings that line the square is the beautiful neo-classical facade of the medical university.