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La Méca, cultural center in Bordeaux

On the banks of the Garonne, La Méca is an urban space of 12,000 m2 inaugurated in June 2019 and entirely dedicated to the creative economy and culture. Discovery.


An exceptional laboratory for artistic creation

La Méca, House of Creative Economy and Culture in New Aquitaine, was designed as a hybrid space serving artists and the dissemination of culture. If you are currently renting in Bordeaux for your holidays, do not miss this essential visit! The 12,000 m2 building includes a prestigious stage, a projection room, multiple exhibition halls and spaces designed to accommodate artist residences. A monumental tool to instill a new cultural dynamic in the Bordeaux Metropolis and the New Aquitaine region, Méca aims to be multidisciplinary: it is a place of fertile encounters between different cultural economies and different creative fields. Its prestigious permanent guests are the Book, Cinema and Audiovisual Agency (ALCA), the Artistic Office of New Aquitaine Region (OARA), and the Regional Fund for Contemporary Art (FRAC). The FRAC finds with the premises and facilities of Méca a formidable tool to carry out its missions, and in particular that of dissemination of contemporary art to a wide audience. 3 to 4 major annual exhibitions are planned on the site. The dissemination and support work of the OARA and ALCA cultural agencies will also be favored by the new possibilities for welcoming professionals and the public: with coworking spaces for professionals, the projection room, project incubation spaces , a dance studio and a stage with exceptional dimensions, projects of an unprecedented scale can be envisaged. The meeting between audiovisual artists, literature, performing arts and plastic arts opens up the field of possibilities: Méca aims to host hybrid and multidisciplinary projects, thus taking a resolutely contemporary path.

A totem building in the center of Bordeaux

The architecture of La Méca is in total harmony with the vocation of the place, from a practical as well as a symbolic point of view. Built on the site of the former slaughterhouses, the center gives a strong signal of renewal. The structure is open at its center. The geometric lines of the architecture play with perspective to give the illusion, from the points of view and as we approach it, of a shape in movement. The Méca building evokes both the contemporary arts and the ancestral folk art of origami, announcing by its forms and by its audacity the hybrid character of the creations that it will be able to accommodate. Reflecting the strong ambition of regional cultural policy, the architecture of Meca inspires the meeting of art professionals, among themselves, but also and above all with a large audience.

A place of life and meeting

La Méca is a tool at the service of creation, but also a place of transmission, dissemination and sharing. It is intended to receive the public during shows, exhibitions, performances, workshops, screenings and meetings. The building houses a café restaurant, the CREM, which offers breakfasts, midday meals and dinners from Thursday to Saturday. True to the spirit of the site, CREM offers a hybrid service between the conviviality and warmth of the table d'hôtes, the simplicity of take-out and snacking, the refinement and generosity of a gourmet bistro. Homemade, local products and organic are preferred. Creations are regularly offered, in subtle harmony with current exhibitions and artistic events hosted. On the bar side, creativity and quality are also a must, with a selection of prestigious wines, locally brewed beers and signature cocktails. The roof terrace, open to the public, offers a unique and panoramic view of Bordeaux.

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