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Development of Place Tourny

Without losing its historic character, the emblematic square in the center of Bordeaux is changing. In the fall of 2019, transformed by works around the tramway, it will also appeal to pedestrians, motorists and cyclists.

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4 good reasons to redevelop Place Tourny

Since the 18th century, this vast square has played an essential role in the animation and traffic in downtown Bordeaux. The major development projects aimed at refreshing and harmonizing travel in the Gironde capital - notably the work on the tram line D - could not ignore the redevelopment of this historic place.

It is therefore a question of restructuring Place Tourny without distorting it and even giving it back the emblematic character that it had somewhat lost in the 20th century.

The project preserves the central statue of Tourny, the buildings surrounding the square, the bas-reliefs and all the heritage elements that characterize it. However, the nature of the traffic lanes has changed.

The passage of the tram and the need to make traffic more fluid led to a complete reorganization of travel. To start with the removal of residual spaces and traffic lights.

In order to make the place more pleasant to use and to live for all users, free spaces are used to encourage pedestrian and cycle traffic, while taking care to preserve commercial activities.

What will Place Tourny look like after the works?

The establishment of a roundabout around the statue will help to unclutter it, and enhance the space.

Pedestrian traffic will be favored on the outer edges of the square, along the facades and shops.

At the same time and thanks to the residual spaces freed up, the circulation of bicycles on reserved tracks will be integrated into the wide sidewalks. Pedestrian areas decorated with benches will be enhanced by the use of white limestone, granite and Bordeaux ceramic.

For the convenience of businesses and residents, three delivery zones with access control will be installed in front of the facades.

Around the square, three dry fountains, without a basin, will align their straight jets which can spout up to 2 meters in height. For a changing landscape, the set will be programmed to modulate the height of the jets.

Finally, the street lighting will consist of large masts and will be completed by lighting up the facades at night.

After this work, the ventilated and uncluttered Place Tourny will present all users with a new modern and functional face, dedicated to preserving and enhancing its historic beauty. It is therefore a good time to invest in real estate around Place Tourny, which will undoubtedly increase in value in the months and years to come. For any information on real estate in Bordeaux or on our properties for sale in the sector, do not hesitate to visit our agency Barnes Bordeaux!

How long will the Tourny Place site last?

Begun in the summer of 2018 and with a forecast duration of 13 months, the restructuring work on Place Tourny should be completed in September 2019.

Initially, the works concerned the roads and the temporary pedestrian accesses installed for the duration of the work.

During the last quarter of 2018, efforts were concentrated on the creation of the roundabout in the center of the square and the tracing of the tramway track. The first months of 2019 were devoted to works on the facade side, including bicycle paths, lanes and pedestrian crossings.

After delivery of work related to the tram in June 2019 and validation of the trainset circulation tests, the new Tourny place will be accessible in September 2019.