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Bordeaux stalls

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Do you know the shops in Bordeaux? These are the former workers' houses which are very popular with the people of Bordeaux today! In the 15th century, the stalls were houses designed so that craftsmen and traders could work and live there. It was in the 18th century that Bordeaux residents transformed these businesses into real city dwellings. You have already noticed their equivalent in Marseille where they are called cabins or in Normandy better known as longères.

Architecture of Bordeaux stalls

The Bordeaux stalls are characterized by their stone facade and their fairly low walls. Often without a storey, these low houses compensate for their surface by an in-depth development. Some of them have a cellar which was used to store provisions during the Second Empire and until the pre-war period. At the time, the Bordeaux shops allowed a merchant family to live thanks to a location between street and garden. The latter generally constituted a vegetable garden to provide for the food needs of the family. At the front of the house, the street was sort of part of the shop and extended the play area for children and passers-by who could sit down to chat and buy from the store. There are two kinds of stalls, depending on their facade: the single stall and the double stall.

“Simple” stalls

With a modest appearance, the "simple" shop has an entrance door and a window on the street side facade which measures between 5 and 6 meters in length. Its rather sober appearance is explained by the fact that it corresponded mainly to the workers. In terms of layout, the house consists of three rooms: a bedroom on the street side, a dark room and a common room on the garden side. The owners generally owned several.

“Double” stalls

More comfortable than single stalls, the "double" stall has a frontage of 8 to 10 meters consisting of one or two windows on each side of the front door. Based on the simple stall model, it nevertheless has 4 to 6 pieces in all. The facade on the street side is often decorated with patterns carved in limestone above the openings or in bands.

Stalls for sale in Bordeaux

During the 19th century, the population of Bordeaux experienced a growth in its population with the arrival of agricultural workers attracted by the development of jobs in Bordeaux. As a result, new districts are emerging, in which there are rows of shops.

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