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Where to come to settle in Bordeaux and its surroundings?

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According to a study recently published by the Sud-Ouest newspaper, around 8 out of 10 Parisian executives plan to leave the capital to settle in Bordeaux. Cause and effect ? The city of Girondin has accumulated glowing titles and international labels. After being voted "best destination in the world" in 2015, the wine capital was awarded the title of "most trendy city in the world" in 2017 by Lonely Planet. So the least we can say is that she "has a bottle" .... It must be said that it collects alluring assets: located a few kilometers from the sea, with a relatively mild climate, adorned with undeniably enchanting architecture and endowed with a living environment where life is surprisingly good. They are full of praise for it. But the Girondin capital does not stop there and intends to continue its development, especially since the launch of the LGV by the SNCF which places it only two hours by train from Paris. So BARNES Bordeaux reveals, exclusively, where to come and live in Bordeaux and its surroundings in the event of a possible migration to the South West?

In the historic city center of Bordeaux

The historic city center of Bordeaux is obviously to be considered when looking for an exceptional property in Bordeaux. And especially three of its city districts. Starting with the famous golden triangle in the heart of downtown Bordeaux. From the Tourny alleys to the Cours de l'Intendance to Place Gambetta, the golden triangle is appreciated for its cultural, heritage and commercial richness. It takes around € 7,500 per m² to buy an apartment in the heart of the city center.

In prestigious districts of Bordeaux

The Chartrons district is one of the chic districts in Bordeaux that have become essential. It is particularly famous for its cobbled streets, its banks of the Garonne, its antique dealers and its small craft markets with undeniable charm. For a luxury apartment in Bordeaux, old and in a fashionable district, the price per m² is estimated between 2500 and 3700 €. Finally, a few steps from the golden triangle, is the Saint-Seurin district where the luxury houses in Bordeaux are certainly the most beautiful and closest to the city center. A small village in the heart of the city: this is the very identity of this neighborhood where the inhabitants praise the merits of a family neighborhood where the living environment is impeccable.

In the beautiful villages around Bordeaux

Finding an exceptional property in Bordeaux is not always easy, we grant it. So the cities around Bordeaux can be an ideal alternative for acquiring luxury real estate in Gironde. And more particularly its chic and upscale periphery where luxury real estate in Bordeaux is becoming more and more flourishing. Among them ? The Caudéran district located west of Bordeaux, marked by a high-class family and residential identity. The price per square meter is € 2,200 on average. The Bouscat district, further north, is also a good place to come to settle in Bordeaux. And for good reason: its typical stalls, its many small shops, its service by tram and its "family village" spirit a few steps from the city gives it the title of "favorite district of Bordeaux".