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The best real estate schools and training in Bordeaux

Are you a student and are you interested in real estate? Barnes presents the best establishments to train you in real estate in Bordeaux.

formation immobilier bordeaux

A taste for contact is essential for working in real estate, as is some technical and legal knowledge. Bordeaux has specialized schools and training allowing access to all professions related to real estate.

What is real estate training for?

The aim of the diploma courses is to train professionals in this constantly evolving sector.

From Bac + 2 to Bac + 5, we teach real estate, from design to marketing and management.

Often accessible on a work-study basis, all include internships in companies allowing students to be operational at the end of their course.

How to integrate a school or training in real estate?

For a BTS (Bac + 2), admission is obtained upon obtaining the Bac, on application and individual interview.

We integrate a Bachelor or a license (Bac + 3) from Bac or directly in the third year with a validated Bac + 2 diploma.

The Masters (Bac + 4 or 5) are accessible to Bac + 3 graduates on application form after written and oral motivation tests.

What to do after leaving a real estate school?

Depending on the training, students will be able to exercise various functions focused on the negotiation, sale, management, administration of goods or the management of a real estate sales force.

Graduates of real estate schools quickly integrate companies that often hire their former interns at the end of their training.

The 6 best real estate schools in Bordeaux

The choice of a higher education institution will depend on the diploma concerned, but also on the specificities of the schools where the corresponding curriculum can be followed.

INSEEC Real Estate

This international school has 45,000 graduates. With a pedagogy based on expertise, the institute maintains close relationships with major players in the sector. Students benefit from various opportunities thanks to Inseec locations in Paris, Monaco or London but also in Geneva, San Francisco, Shanghai and Chicago.

Address: H18, Quai de Bacalan 33070 Bordeaux
Site: https://www.inseec-realestate....

IPC: Institute for Commercial Promotion

Founded over 40 years ago by merchants and the Bordeaux Gironde CCI, the IPC offers specialized training in two internationally renowned sectors representative of Bordeaux: Wines and Real Estate. Its network of partners and recognized expertise facilitate the integration of graduates.

Address: 12 Rue René Cassin - Bât. B 33049 Bordeaux

ESPI Group: Higher School of Real Estate Professions

Thanks to its renowned Bachelors and Masters, ESPI trains high-level operational professionals in all real estate trades. Anxious to participate in developments in the sector, the school associates its students with innovative projects carried out with prestigious partners around the world.

New address for 2019: 73 avenue Thiers 33100 Bordeaux

ESI: Higher School of Real Estate

Created by the National Federation of Real Estate (Fnaim), the ESI prepares for all trades in the sector, in diploma and continuing education thanks to its 40 centers. The courses, from BTS to Master, can be taken alternately or as part of a VAE.

The school will post a 100% hiring rate within six months of graduation.


ESARC - Evolution Bordeaux

ESARC specializes in BTS-type training. The 1,500 students on the Bordeaux campus benefit from collaborative workspaces and cross-cutting lessons (business, digital, etc.) complementing the fundamentals of the chosen specialty.

Address: Campus Bassin à Flot - 20 Quai Lawton 33300 Bordeaux

Kedge Business School

An internationally renowned management school offering specialized Bac + 5 courses. Favoring work-study programs to optimize integration, the school also offers students the advantages of a dual presence in Paris and Bordeaux with an immersion of 3 days per month on the Paris campus.

Address: 680 Cours de la Liberation 33405 Talence

Top 10 real estate training in Bordeaux

Bachelor Real Estate Transactions & Goods Dealers - INSEEC

Bac + 3 training offering in-depth knowledge of real estate management and promoting professional integration in various real estate sectors, including rental management and co-ownership management.

Master 1 Real Estate Management - INSEEC

Bac + 4 diploma open to finance and real estate markets (OPCI, SCPI).

We study wealth taxation, collective investments, legal aspects, negotiation and management of a sales force.

Bachelor Commercial Development Manager Real Estate Path - IPC

BAC + 3 training for future responsible for the commercial performance of a team, development and autonomous management of a client portfolio. Also prepares for the conduct of important real estate negotiations. 

Bachelor in Property Management (Gesai) - ESPI 

Bac + 3 diploma preparing for management, transaction, co-ownership and property management. Title of certified state which allows the obtaining of professional cards Management, Transaction and Syndic. 

Specialized professional Masters - ESPI 

Four Bac + 5 diplomas with a high level of specialization in Real Estate Development and Promotion, Expertise, Administration and Management or Engineering in Real Estate Finance 

Professional License: Real Estate Professions - ESI This license (Bac + 3) specializes students in negotiation and administration of goods. She opens positions such as responsible for corporate real estate, property administrator or developer. Professional License in charge of Property Management (Gils) - ESI Bac + 3 diploma training future property management executives (property administration on behalf of owners, Technical management of heritage conservation, administrative and commercial management of seller-buyer relationships) 

BTS Professions Immobilières (PI) - ESARC Evolution Bordeaux 

This BTS (Bac + 2) prepares for the management, trading and administration of goods as well as the organization of promotion operations. It allows you to obtain the professional card essential to become a real estate agent. 

Master in Asset Management and Business Real Estate - Kedge Business School 

A unique Bac + 5 training offering a double specialization: wealth management and business real estate. It trains in sectoral developments between private and professional real estate (SCPI, OPCI, SIIC).

Short specialized real estate training - IPC 

Accessible as part of continuing education, 26 certified training courses relate, among other things, to: property diagnosis, VEFA and new programs, rental management, mandate and compromise, etc.