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The various aids for the energy renovation of your property

Do you have an energy renovation project? Barnes gives you all the help you can get!

prime renovation energetique

You have an energy renovation project and, of course, you have a limited budget. Current energy costs, cost of works, savings on your heating and electricity bills in the medium and long term: it is better to take out your calculator to know when the planned reversal will become profitable. What if you get a boost from the state, local communities or energy suppliers? Overview of the aid to which you can aspire to finance part or all of your energy renovation works.

CITE, days counted

The energy transition tax credit is tax assistance that gives the right to a reduction in income tax on part of the costs incurred by works intended to reduce energy consumption. This device is not offered to all households, it is reserved for those with modest incomes. It concerns houses and apartments built at least 2 years ago, only main residences. The CITE will disappear on December 31, 2020.

MaPrimeRénov, replacing CITE

This brand new aid from Anah, proposed since January 1, 2020, is intended to replace the CITE, which will no longer be granted in 2021. As for the tax credit, this device only concerns main residences and its allocation is conditioned by the owner's resources.

Denormandie device

This is an income tax reduction under the Denormandie law. To benefit from this, the amount of the invoice for the energy renovation works must be equal to or greater than 25% of the price of the property. Only the goods of certain districts identified in more than 220 French cities are concerned within the framework of the Action Coeur de Ville program.


The zero-rate eco-loan is very attractive for owners and tenants who do not have a large sum for their initial investment. As the name suggests, it allows you to finance your work by receiving a loan without having to pay interest. Extended at least until 2021, the eco-PTZ concerns dwellings completed before 1990 (only main residences)

Reduced rate VAT (5.5%)

Another way to reduce your energy renovation bill is to apply reduced rate VAT at 5.5%. This is the principle of this device offered to owners and tenants. To be eligible, the accommodation must have been completed at least 2 years ago. The 5.5% VAT concerns houses and apartments, primary and secondary residences.

Living better serenely

The National Housing Agency (Anah) offers several grants to finance energy renovation works. If you are eligible for the "Living better serenely" aid, you can receive an envelope of a maximum amount of € 10,000. The allocation of this aid and the amount granted depend on several criteria: resources of the owner, seniority of the accommodation (the house or apartment must have been completed at least 15 years ago), absence of aid granted during the 5 last years…

EEC aid

It is possible to request assistance from energy suppliers such as Engie or EDF to carry out work which aims to reduce energy consumption inside their home. This instrument is part of the Energy Savings Certificates (CEE). To be eligible, the owner or tenant of the accommodation (primary or secondary residence) must seek the services of a recognized professional (RGE). The energy supplier can help you in various ways: by granting a bonus, a voucher, a reduction on your energy bill or a loan at a reduced rate, by giving advice, by carrying out diagnostics or by yourself. connecting with a qualified craftsman. The collaboration of energy suppliers enables them to obtain EWCs, and thus to fulfill their obligations to the State that they fulfill their obligations.

Energy saving boost

Granted until the end of 2020, this aid is intended for households with low or modest incomes. It mainly concerns two types of work: insulating the attic and installing heating equipment running on renewable energy to replace an oil boiler. The new equipment can be for example a heat pump (water / water, air / water, hybrid) or a biomass boiler. The aid is paid by companies that have signed the Energy Boost Charter.

Energy voucher

The Energy Check aid aims to reduce the energy bill of households with modest incomes. Depending on the resources of the beneficiaries, the amount of the check can reach almost € 300. The list of households entitled to the energy check is established each year by the tax authorities, taking into account, in addition to the rev