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Leaving Paris for Bordeaux

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Voted favorite city of the French in 2018 (source: Great Place To Work), Bordeaux keeps its place at the top of the podium. The Girondine capital reconciles easy living and space, two assets that the capital of France is unable to offer. Did you know that one in two Parisians is ready to leave Paris? And you ? If you are tired of Paris or you just want to move to Bordeaux, it is advisable to identify in advance the different criteria that push to change your life.

Leaving the Paris region for a move to Bordeaux

Moving to the provinces

Why go? This is the question you should ask yourself if you are hesitant to leave Paris. Several experiences have shown that stress linked to the Parisian rhythm as well as long journeys between home and work are the main causes. Add to that pollution, traffic problems, etc. Difficult to find moments of calm. Growing families find it difficult to balance work and personal life. A recent Opinion Way poll for Homebox has shown that 55% of 28-45 year olds plan to move to the provinces. If Paris is a city that “moves”, the Parisian rhythm proves to be testing over the years.

Cost of life

From an economic point of view, living in Paris has a cost. A study published in estimates the amount of Parisian life at € 1753 / month on average, 59% of which is dedicated to rent. Next comes Strasbourg with € 1,223 and Lyon with € 1,216. Bordeaux is in 8th position in this ranking with € 1,117, between Grenoble and Lille. The cost of living, a significant element to take into account in the budget of the home if you want to start a family, do work or go on vacation.

Settling in Bordeaux

Leaving Paris and moving to Bordeaux just two hours from Paris to buy a house in Bordeaux allows some professionals to continue working in Paris while having accommodation in the provinces. Especially since Bordeaux is at the head of French cities where life is good according to a harris-interactive study published in 2017. 80% of Bordeaux residents feel satisfied with the quality of life of the Gironde capital in front of Nantes (76 %) and Strasbourg (73%). In terms of property prices, Bordeaux stands at € 3,958 / m2 for a house compared to € 9,722 / month for the same property in Paris.

The reasons ? The one we once nicknamed "The Sleeping Beauty" is now awake. Its proximity to the ocean of the Arcachon basin as well as the landscapes of the moors forests offer great opportunities for excursions on weekends. Moving to Bordeaux also means discovering the Bordeaux vineyard that is the pride of the region is highlighted through tastings, visits to vineyards, in restaurants as well as in the City of Wine created in 2011. Bordeaux, this are also 350 monuments registered in the world heritage of UNESCO.e A historical heritage which one finds in the sumptuous architecture of the buildings like the place Pey Berland or even the Large Theater.

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