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First real estate purchase in Bordeaux

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Do you want to buy your first prestigious apartment or house in Bordeaux? You are right, the Bordeaux area has been one of the most attractive in recent years. Bordeaux Métropole is committed to offering quality accommodation! BARNES Bordeaux, experts on the Bordeaux rare goods market, offers advice on how to quickly find the property of your dreams.

How to buy your first apartment?

Choose an apartment that suits you

Choosing your first apartment is not easy, especially in Bordeaux if you are not from the region. BARNES Bordeaux thus offers exceptional real estate in stone buildings but also in recent buildings. It's up to you to find the rare pearl according to your tastes and your budget. Do you need 2 or 3 or more bedrooms in the long term? Do you plan to rent it? Do you have a vehicle to park every day? So many criteria to take into account in your thinking. This is why our accommodation benefits not only from a grandiose architecture but also from several advantages such as a terrace, a balcony, a parking space or even a swimming pool for some. To be sure to have all the keys in hand before signing your deed of sale, you must be informed about the possibilities available to you, the evolution of market laws, real estate forecasts for the year but also of the evolution of the districts.

Find an apartment well located in the city

Take the example of Bordeaux. If the “sleeping beauty” has known a flourishing attractiveness for a few years, the districts of Bordeaux remain very heterogeneous. Among the most beautiful districts of Bordeaux, first place goes to the Golden Triangle district. With an ideal location in the heart of the city of Bordeaux, it is the most prestigious showcase of the city with its Haussmannian buildings dating from the 1700s. Several luxury apartments are located in dynamic districts like Saint-Seurin. For couples as well as families, some of the family apartments in Bordeaux also benefit from an ideal location with a privileged view of the public gardens or the quays of the Garonne. All offer direct access to the main surrounding shops and to public transport. If you are looking for a lively and trendy location, the Chartrons district is ideally located at the crossroads of many gourmet restaurants. The choice of the neighborhood and the surroundings of your first apartment is essential, in particular the proximity to public transport, shops and certain places of interest.

The right time for a first real estate purchase

The city of Bordeaux has experienced an increase in its attractiveness over the past 10 years. Rising real estate market prices are approaching a 43% increase during this period which is not about to stop. However, investors are announcing a slight “return to calm” for the year 2019. For Sébastien de Lafond, president of, the increase in purchasing power is questioned: “34% of buyers are investors. It’s double the national average. […] Many people who live there can no longer buy ”. This is an opportunity to take advantage of this lull to buy your home!

Your first purchase is very important. Do not hesitate to take the time to find the accommodation that best suits you. Have you decided? Consult our various high-end property listings for sale in Bordeaux.