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The HSL Paris Bordeaux was created

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The Paris Bordeaux high-speed line was put into service on July 2. The SEA Tours-Bordeaux high-speed line, its real name, now places Paris only 2:04 hours from Bordeaux (compared to 3:30 hours previously). The SNCF project was a major undertaking. In total, the cost of the LGV is 7.8 billion euros. Some worry about its profitability and the economic benefits for the city of Bordeaux. Barnes tells you more about the impact of the LGV Paris Bordeaux on the price of real estate in the Gironde capital.

HSL high-speed line between Paris and Bordeaux: a major project

The main vocation of the LGV Sud Europe Atlantique is to extend the LGV Atlantique to Bordeaux. The city of Bordeaux is now obviously closer to Paris, but also to other outlying cities such as Tours, Angoulême and Poitiers. The construction company Vinci was selected for the construction of the line by winning the tender launched by the SNCF. In total, almost 9,000 jobs were created for the construction of the Paris Bordeaux HSL. The inauguration of the LGV Paris Bordeaux took place on July 1, 2017. The site will have lasted 5 years since the start of work in 2012.

HSL Paris Bordeaux: reduced journey times

What characterizes this major project are the journey times of the LGV. Most are reduced by a few hours, sometimes even by half. The Paris-Angoulême journey lasts 1h40 compared to 2h15 previously, Bordeaux-Poitiers goes from 1h58 to 1h06 and Tours-Bordeaux reduces its journey time from 2h30 to 1h25.

SNCF HSL and Bordeaux real estate: friends or enemies?

What about prestige real estate in Bordeaux? Some fear a surge in property prices in Bordeaux. The risk is real. Over the past 10 years, the price of real estate in Bordeaux has increased by 44%. The cities around Bordeaux are taking advantage of this phenomenon to position themselves as the chic suburbs of the Gironde capital. This is the case, for example, of cities like, Le Bouscat, Bruges, Pessac, Bouliac where the exceptional houses around Bordeaux are multiplying.

Station district in Bordeaux: planned redevelopments

When the mayor of Bordeaux, Alain Juppé, spoke of the SNCF high-speed line, he spoke of "a tremendous economic lever for the city". What is more in the station district in Bordeaux where many redevelopments are planned. But few relate to real estate. This is the urban development program called Euratlantique which will transform 740 hectares around Bordeaux train station to Floirac into offices and business districts.