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Bordeaux Jumping

Spotlight on the Jumping International of Bordeaux, a major equestrian event born in 1973 which takes place every year in February at the Parc des Expositions.

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The horse show in Bordeaux

In parallel with the prestigious international events that take place indoors and outdoors, the exhibition center hosts during this first week of February a horse show which brings together several hundred exhibitors on an exhibition area of 30,000m². The Bordeaux horse show is now one of the most important annual meetings for horse-riding enthusiasts.


The Jumping International de Bordeaux is an opportunity to meet more than 200 exhibitors: artisans who share their know-how, new technologies to be discovered in the service of the rider, performances or equine well-being, stands selling equipment, outfits, riding accessories, vendors and manufacturers of equine food and care, or boxes, vans and fences. Breeders, stallions, nutritionists, dentists and other professionals of the sector are present to exchange and transmit their knowledge and experiences, around the theories of learning and education of the horse, of certain horse breeds like Anglo-Arab, animal osteopathy or even the practice of equine shiatsu. Travel agencies specializing in equestrian stays are also represented. The show is also an opportunity to discover innovative products such as equipment that makes it easier for people with reduced mobility to ride, applications for riders with GPS tracking, and new composition litter boxes. Among the exhibitors are the various training organizations in the sector, specialized insurance companies, publishing houses and trade unions in the profession. Numerous and varied food stalls are also present in the aisles: oyster bar, artisan ice cream, tapas bar, cookies and nougat, Italian pasta, coffees and cappuccinos, pancakes, Basque pastries, cheeses, champagne bar, basic products truffle, or snacking.

Meetings and events

In addition to the many meetings that it is possible to have at the show, with breeders who present their stallions and artisans of the sector who offer demonstrations of their know-how, there are also various activities and animations, aimed at children as well as adults. A pony club offers youngsters riding baptisms. Children from 4 to 12 years old can be introduced to the fundamentals, superior gaits, and new disciplines such as aerobatics and horseball. Workshops to discover the horse, its anatomy and its needs are also organized. Children can participate in drawing workshops around the equine world such as learning to dress a pony. In addition to these workshops, which are continuously presented at the pony club, the horse show receives several shows to attend as a family: horse show, dance, dressage and circus figures, in magical settings. The four days of the fair are also punctuated with aerobatics demonstrations, pony games, equine ethology, work riding, western awakening, handisport riding or Equifeel. It is also offered each year hitch initiation, horse laser game sessions, and Equifun courses for children. Meetings with renowned riders are also an opportunity to benefit from valuable advice.

Professional meetings

The horse show in Bordeaux is essentially a meeting place for benchmark breeding in Europe. Each year, the largest stud farms in France and Belgium come to present the breeders of the South-West to the jewel of European breeding stock for sport horses. Note, for example, that Groupe France Elevage, the stud farms of Clarbec, the stud farms of Coudrettes, the stud farms of Brullemail or even Beligneux le Haras are at the rendezvous. In addition, since 2019, the Equine Health Forum has also been a highly anticipated moment for professionals in the equestrian sector but also for amateur riders.

Major jumping events in Bordeaux

The International Jumping of Bordeaux is an event of great importance in the equine environment, because it receives both unprecedented competitions and major world cup events.

An Opening Night: Freedom and Dressage Battle

The opening night of Jumping de Bordeaux 2023 is a real event. It is a dressage show by Jean-François Pignon which features his incredible 14 horses in total freedom. This opening night will not stop there and innovates through a new kind of competition-show: the Battle. On the track, 2 teams of 3 French riders of international level will compete in three gaits but also on high school tunes judged by both professional judges and the public. In addition, a revisited, interactive dressage that promises great sporting emotions!

4 days of international competition

The International Jumping of Bordeaux is 19 events including a show jumping world cup stage, a coupling world cup final, and an indoor derby test. In all, these 500 tests represent nearly 500,000 euros in prize money. The event brings together the best in equestrian competition, with 45 competition officials, 7 leaders, 300 riders and more than 500 horses. With wide media coverage, the jumping is broadcast on more than 120 hours of television. On site, the only jumping events, outside the show, bring together 15,000 spectators per day.

Three unmissable events

The flagship events of the Bordeaux jumping are the stage of the Longines FEI show jumping world cup, the final of the FEI harness world cup, and the incredible spectacle of the Devoucoux Indoor Derby. The Show Jumping World Cup is played across the three leagues in Europe, North America and China. The European league is the most important because it qualifies 18 out of 40 riders for the final. The decisive Bordeaux Jumping event is the 13th and penultimate stage of the championship before that of Gothenburg in Sweden. The final of the FEI Driving World Cup 4 horse team is then an opportunity to admire the work of the 6 best leaders in the world. Very spectacular, the race takes place on an indoor circuit and takes place on Sunday afternoon in hall 3. The Devoucoux indoor cross is finally a very popular event for the public for its spectacular nature and its rarity in the indoor arena. This type of race is usually organized in large natural areas. The Jumping de Bordeaux has organized it indoors since 2014, in an impressive version where around twenty obstacles are concentrated on a course of around 1000 meters. 

The other Jumping events 

The International Jumping of Bordeaux is also an opportunity to attend the amateur championships of partners, the derby ponies of young riders, the club cup reserved for equestrian centers, or the Super As Pony Elite show jumping , a technical course made by the elite of riders under the age of 18. 

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