History of the Saint-Michel district

Saint-Michel is a popular and cosmopolitan district of Bordeaux. Located in the city center and endowed with a remarkable heritage.
The Saint Michel district has a rich history, it has not always been part of the city. It wasn't until the 14th century that it was included due to new construction. This area is renowned for its craftsmen and convents which have made it a welcoming place, with diverse culture and opportunities, becoming an exciting melting pot of people from all over!
In the 14th century, the Saint-Michel district was endowed with a superb basilica and its spire. Its streets are cobbled, wrought iron balconies line its walls, bazaars and small shops adorn it: this district is full of hidden gems to discover! Formerly the district of craftsmen, it is now listed in the protected area of Bordeaux, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998.

The essentials of the Saint-Michel district

The Saint-Michel district, an emblematic district of the city of Bordeaux, attracts a large number of walkers with its very special atmosphere. There are many quiet alleys, real havens of peace where you can admire old stone houses typical of Bordeaux and small shops, and the next street, the animation and excitement of a busy street catches up to you. The district is home to several unmissable sites in Bordeaux such as the Saint-Michel Basilica and its famous spire, Place Saint-Michel and the Capuchin market.
The Saint-Michel district manages to mix universes and cultures, there are flea markets, bars with an innovative concept, thrift stores, Asian, Lebanese, African restaurants, … and many places for brunch.

Living in the Saint-Michel district

Located between the Saint-Jean train station and the Garonne, the cosmopolitan Saint-Michel district is changing rapidly and living in the Saint-Michel district in Bordeaux means living in a pleasant and dynamic district. In addition, the area is very well served by public transport, which makes it easy to get around the city. There is a high school, theater, but also the sports park. Generally, the Saint-Michel district is a great option for people looking for a central and lively location in Bordeaux. Discover the neighborhood with our real estate agency in Bordeaux.