Vivre à Sadirac

History of Sadirac

In the heart of Entre-deux-Mers, Sadirac is a town whose history has long been marked by pottery. In the 18th century, the town was even known internationally for its pottery products exported from the Port of the Moon. A skill that flourished until the 20th century, at the dawn of the 1980s. Today, a museum traces the history of this centuries-old local vocation. In the 19th century, Sadirac was linked to Bordeaux by the railway line serving the municipalities of Entre-deux-Mers. Passenger trains run there until occupied. Under the Vichy regime, these regular lines were interrupted to make way only for freight trains. Railway activity ceased altogether in 1979, with the closure of the Espiet cement plant. In Sadirac, the station has been transformed into a heritage center. The railway line has been converted into a cycle path.

The essentials of Sadirac

Sadirac's advantageous location compared to Bordeaux and its prestigious past in the potters' trade and commerce made this small town in the Entre-deux-Mers region very early on as an attractive area. This is evidenced by its rich built heritage, made up of numerous castles, including those of Tustal and Grand Verdus. The property of Maine de Labadie, home of the village's pottery industry, is also famous for having received Louis XIII in 1615. In the heart of Sadirac, the Fouragnan pottery had around forty workshops in the 19th century. Today, the premises of this former industrial establishment house the Pottery and Ceramics Museum. An important inventoried heritage completes these essentials, including in particular the old station, charterhouses, castles and remarkable residences. Finally, among the attractions of Sadirac, let us mention its aurochs breeding and its forgotten vegetable farm, as well as its Maison du Patrimoine which organizes numerous scientific awakening workshops.

Living in Sadirac

Now occupied by a dozen potters who bring local know-how to life, the small town of Sadirac is pleasant to live in and lively all year round. Sporting and cultural events are numerous there, between the slope trail, the unusual world championship for throwing jugs, the ceramics festival, the Entre-Deux-Mers wine festival and rock music festivals. or country. Families find a nursery school and two primary schools in the town. In 2023, a general and technological high school will be opened in Créon. A medical center is set up in the city center with two doctors and a dentist. A physiotherapist and an osteopath are also present in the town. The center of Sadirac is animated by several local shops, including a pharmacy, a bakery, a hardware store and a beauty institute. The inhabitants of Sadirac also benefit from numerous leisure facilities, between the municipal stadium, the rugby stadium, the skate park, the tennis courts, the dance halls and the dojo. The city seduces for its dynamism and for the quality of its living environment just 16 km from Bordeaux.