Bordeaux Meriadeck


A neighborhood in full transformation

History of the Mériadeck district

The Mériadeck district owes its name to the Cardinal Prince of Rohan, Ferdinand Maximilien Mériadec, Archbishop of Bordeaux who had the Rohan Palace built there in 1771, on marshy ground, outside the city walls.
The district will be built slowly until the middle of the 19th century and becomes a district with a bad reputation. In 1950, the district was declared unsanitary and the municipality headed by Jacques Chaban-Delmas decided to completely renovate this poor district in 1955, which would consist of its total destruction.
In 1971, more than 30 hectares were razed and massive works began and the Mériadeck district finally became Bordeaux's business district with modern commercial and administrative buildings, as well as sports facilities. Many administrations and services are grouped together in these large buildings, built around a central garden.
The whole area is now part of the perimeter classified by Unesco.

The essentials of the Mériadeck district

The Mériadeck district with a total area of 28 hectares is known for its shopping center,
its hundreds of thousands of m² of offices and shops. But, Mériadeck is a district open to all located in the heart of Bordeaux with green spaces, pretty viewpoints, playgrounds, car parks, sports facilities such as an ice rink and a bowling alley, entertainment facilities and library. In order to escape the urban bustle and relax, the Mériadeck district has a 2-hectare park. It's a lively district, alongside dancers, skaters and all surrounded by street-art.

Living in the Mériadeck district

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