History of the Lescure district

The Lescure district is bordered by the Charles-Perrens and Pellegrin hospitals, the boulevard du Maréchal-Leclerc and the Béchade garden.
Château Lescure, which gave its name to the Bordeaux district, was built on the former estate of Jean Bayerman, a Bordeaux wine merchant and descendant of a Dutch family who had settled in Bordeaux since 1620. The property will then be divided up to the east and north by the beltway boulevard, and in 1953, part of the estate will be ceded to the city to enlarge the Chartreuse cemetery. In 1900, the depot of the Compagnie française des Tramways Electriques et Omnibus de Bordeaux was created on land sold as it was expanded by the two brothers Harry Scott Johnston and Arthur Harry Johnston. The Château de Lescure and the last 15 hectares were sold in 1912 to the real estate company Parc de Lescure in order to create a housing estate of bourgeois houses. Half of this land cannot be built on because of the passage of the stream, the Peugue, right in the middle, subject to regular flooding.
This non-constructible land will then be devoted to sport, and the first sports park, designed by Alfred Duprat will be built by the Bordeaux Sports Park real estate company founded in 1922, then the two municipal stadiums: that of Raoul Jourde in 1938 ( current Chaban-Delmas) and that of Jacques d'Wells in 1939.
The Parc Lescure, inaugurated in 1924, became the Chaban-Delmas stadium in 2001, in homage to the former mayor of Bordeaux.

The essentials of the Lescure district

The Lescure district is home to a remarkable concentration of Art-Deco houses, it has 115 in total. You will be able to observe the facades and identify the different styles leading to the Art-Deco style and the liner houses of the Place des Cèdres.
Don't miss the Chaban-Delmas stadium, labeled 20th century heritage and the only Art-Deco stadium still in use in France. It hosts all UBB home games and is the pride of the neighborhood. The Béchade garden is a must to discover, it is a real haven of peace adjoining the famous stadium.
Hospital district, it is also equipped with all the medical services and in particular the university hospital centre. It is the ideal neighborhood if you are looking for a house with a garden in the heart of Bordeaux.

Living in the Lescure district in Bordeaux

Art-Deco district of Bordeaux, the Lescure district is a neighborhood where life is good and served by several tram lines, which makes it easily accessible from downtown Bordeaux and other areas of the city. Schools, colleges and high schools are easily accessible. The Lescure quarter is perfect for people wishing to live in a house with a garden in the city center. Discover the neighborhood with our real estate agency in Bordeaux.