History of Latresne

South of Bordeaux city center, on the right bank of the Garonne, Latresne is a commune of L’Entre-deux-Mers. Located in the areas of appellation of Premieres-Côtes-de-Bordeaux and the Entre-deux-Mers vineyard, it is closely linked by its wine-growing destiny to the history of Bordeaux and its development. The origin of Latresne dates back to Roman times, as can be seen from the ancient remains found on the territory of the municipality. Built on the fertile banks of the Garonne, Latresne takes its very name from the idea of a shore. In the Middle Ages, a fortified castle housed the lordship of Latresne and a Romanesque church was built. In the heyday of the Port de la Lune, many wealthy Bordeaux merchants chose the Latresne hillsides to build their sublime homes.

The essentials of Latresne

The heritage of Latresne is a rich witness to the history of the town through the ages: it includes medieval buildings such as the Romanesque church of Saint-Aubin, fortified during the Hundred Years' War, but also more recent architectural treasures, like its 17th century castle, remodeled in the 19th century, which now houses the Aérocampus Aquitaine. We also owe the Comte de Bonneval, owner of the castle in the 19th century, the construction of the second church of Latresne which dominates the landscape from afar on its hillside: the Saint-Joseph du Rocher chapel. From its old ports on the Garonne to the mills and washhouses, the territory of Latresne conceals a small and very varied heritage, to be discovered during various walking circuits. Finally, one of the city's must-see sites is the old train station, closed to travelers since the 1950s, now converted into a friendly second-hand restaurant.

Living in Latresne

Latresne is popular for its calm environment and its bucolic setting a few minutes from the center of Bordeaux. On the right bank of the river, residents of Latresne can reach Saint-Jean station in less than 10 minutes by car via the D 113 and the François-Mitterrand bridge. The town is also linked to the city center of Bordeaux by the 403 bus line. Listed by the association of “Cities and villages where it is good to live”, Latresne offers its inhabitants a remarkable quality of life in the urban area. from Bordeaux. People come here to look for a village atmosphere at the gates of the Gironde capital, with a wide choice of residential properties: beautiful merchant residences and wine-growing châteaux alongside new individual buildings and village houses. The presence of schools in the territory of Latresne, public but also alternative such as the Montessori school, as well as a college is an asset for families. The quality of life of the town is also due to the richness of its preserved areas, which include the river island of Arcins among them. Far from being a dormitory town, Latresne finally stands out for its very dynamic cultural and community life, in close proximity to the Bordeaux region.