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Living in Labottière street

History of the Labottière district

Between the Parc Rivière and Parc Bordelais, the Rue Labottière district is distinguished by sumptuous mansions: the Château de Labottière which hosts the contemporary art exhibitions of the Bernard Magrez cultural institute and, on the other side of the street, the "Grande Maison Bernard Magrez" which houses a very upscale hotel-restaurant. Built in 1773 on the initiative of the Labottière brothers, printers and owners of a small vineyard in Bordeaux, the castle which now houses the cultural institute was sold at the dawn of the 19th century to a contractor from the world of entertainment who turned into a cabaret. The private mansion will then successively be the possession of Antoine Gautier, mayor of Bordeaux in the middle of the 19th, then of the religious organization La Compagnie de Jésus. At the beginning of the 20th century, a fire forced the Jesuits to abandon the place. During the roaring years, the castle will be property and main residence of the couple Janine Lozes and Pierre Ferret. When the French government moved to Bordeaux in 1940, the Château Labottière became an annex to the Lycée Montesquieu (which at the time bore the name of Lycée Longchamp). It is acquired at the beginning of the 21st century by the patron Bernard Magrez who undertakes restoration work and dedicates it to modern and contemporary arts.

The must-sees of the Labottière district

The French gardens of Château Labottière, still magnificently maintained, once extended beyond Durieu de Maisonneuve Street and Labottière Street. Two other mansions are built on these plots, which contribute to the charm and elegance of the neighborhood. The kitchens of the Grande Maison Bernard Magrez are run by Michelin-starred chef Pierre Gagnaire. Near the Botanical Garden, 10 minutes walk from the castle, the small hotel Labottière receives in luxury guest rooms. The Château Labottière makes today the happiness of art lovers and curious minds. Its landscaped gardens are a haven of peace and greenery in the heart of the city. A few steps away, the River Park contains the ruins of an old castle in its undergrowth. The renovated stables of the castle house the Gardener House and nature in town, an awareness area with the virtues of ecological gardening.

Living in the Labottière district

Quiet and close to all amenities, the area Labottière is composed of beautiful houses with gardens, a number of which have swimming pools. The landscaped gardens of the castle and the River Park are pleasant walks for families. They make this neighborhood an area of exceptional quality of life. Parking, public transportation and local shops make everyday life easier. The neighborhood has a nursery, a school, a college, and the home of the Companions of Duty. The Rue de la Croix-de-Seguey passes nearby, 500 m from the Château Labottière, the Saint-Ferdinand church. The proximity of President Wilson Boulevard makes it easy to get around the city from the neighborhood.