Vivre à Cambes

Cambes history

Cambes already existed in the Bronze Age, as evidenced by the discovery of a famous sword on display at the Aquitaine Museum in Bordeaux.

Placed on the banks of the Garonne, it was for centuries a village of shipwrights, sailors and fishermen with three ports: Esconac, Petit Port and Grand Port.

We no longer fish for the sturgeon eggs that have long made it famous in luxury Parisian grocery stores, but we still catch shrimps, eels and lampreys there to the delight of restaurants in Aquitaine.

On the land side, it is the Première Côtes de Bordeaux vineyard that delivers its fruity wines thanks to around ten properties.

The heart of the village rests on the remains of a Gallo-Roman villa and its Saint-Martin church is bordered by the remains of a wall dating from the 3rd century. Built in the Middle Ages, it is renowned for its stained glass windows, altarpieces and pulpit which take visitors on a journey from the 11th to the 18th century.

The essentials of Cambes

In addition to the church and its treasures, we will gladly stop at the natural cave of the Hermitage Sainte-Catherine, founded in 1523 by the priest Jacques Peyron.

Along the alleys and squares, we linger on beautiful noble houses, some of which are directly linked to one of Cambes’s major activities, viticulture.

This is the case with Château Haut-Peyrat where horses and sheep reign over 20 hectares of vines, woods and meadows.

The renovated wine house offers exciting tours and tasty tastings of its wines produced with absolute concern for preserving biodiversity.

A quarter of an hour from the Bordeaux metropolis, the sheep graze between the rows of vines, weeding the feet while avoiding any use of pesticides ...

On the Garonne side, Cambes has set up a nautical base that will delight young and old.

Living in Cambes

In the heart of little Tuscany in Aquitaine, Cambes draws its first assets from its geographical position between the banks of the Garonne and vineyards on the hills. A rather pleasant living environment.

19 km from Bordeaux and 15 km from Talence, this quiet town is home to less than 2,000 inhabitants. We settle there as a family to stay there, as evidenced by the 76% of owners of the town. There are no Moderate Rent Houses there, but rather individual houses and some building land.

However, its village appearance does not prevent it from having a supermarket, shops and local services such as post office, bakery, florist, hairdresser, car garage and even a beauty institute.

Cambes also has health professionals (doctor, nursing office, pharmacy). The maternity ward and hospital are only 15 kilometers away.

An elementary school is open in the town and you can access the college, high school and university within a radius of 5 to 13 km between Cambes and Talence.

On the sports side, Cambes offers football and rugby activities as well as a multisports hall and an EPS platform.

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