Baccarat crystal factory

Baccarat, a radiant universe of a French art of living.

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The famous Baccarat crystal factory, a small Lorraine town of 4,500 inhabitants, is internationally renowned and invites you into a sparkling universe. Indeed, thanks to an ancestral know-how, the objects that come out of the ovens since the 18th century are true jewels of the French art of living. Synonymous with excellence and luxury, Baccarat crystal has illuminated the luxury market for nearly 260 years. 

The birth of Baccarat crystal

In 1764, in the east of France, a group of daring craftsmen decided to transform the four elements of nature, air, earth, water and fire, into a glass of incomparable quality. In 1816, they managed to develop a well-kept secret formula allowing them to obtain the purest crystal in the world. This is how Baccarat crystal was born, a magical material resulting from the talent of Baccarat alchemists who shape crystal using breath, hand and eye.

In 1823, King Louis XVIII was seduced by "the finish and the beauty" of Baccarat crystal, and then began a long series of prestigious commissions. Then, in 1828, the factory welcomed King Charles X and offered him an ewer before creating a glass service in his honour. In 1840, the ceremonial chalice imagined for Louis-Philippe, King of the French, completed the establishment of Baccarat as the capital of the prestigious French Art de Vivre. 

Baccarat will unveil its unique know-how to the whole world during the first Universal Exhibition in Paris, in 1855. Paris is then a party, the showcase of modernity and Baccarat illuminates this new Parisian art of living with its extraordinary candelabra and chandeliers, transported by horse-drawn carriage from the factory. The dazzling and resplendent creations of Baccarat make the exceptional visible.

Baccarat factory

Baccarat, a unique know-how

A few years after the first Universal Exhibition, Baccarat created a crystal temple in homage to the god Mercury, then a ship with a monumental prow, and thus Baccarat continued to dazzle and won numerous medals at each National and International Exhibition. Baccarat then embodies the quintessence of the French spirit and its name alone becomes an invitation to wonder. Baccarat enchants the place and conquers the elite. After supplying the Court of France with glasses, chandeliers and candelabra, Baccarat seduced maharajas, tsars, sultans and emperors...and established itself as the king of crystal.

The manufacture is committed to the continuous improvement of materials, techniques and know-how. Thus, by freeing man from physical constraints, imagination, talent and the heart can express themselves fully.

Today, Baccarat has 50 professions directly linked to creation within the manufacture, 13 Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, the highest number among French Houses, and 2 Knights of Arts and Letters. In addition, driven by the desire and permanent commitment to pass on its know-how to future talents, the factory also has an internal school where several Best Apprentices in France are trained each year.

Thus, in a true millimeter choreography, the fire magicians transform matter into exceptional objects with a thousand reflections. And, for nearly 260 years, the artisans of Baccarat have transported us to a sparkling universe filled with energy and emotions. The fire of passion has never been extinguished and burns forever at Baccarat.

Maison Baccarat know-how

Baccarat, sparkling collaborations

The greatest artists and designers have also succumbed to the dazzling charm of Maison Baccarat, such as Dali, Ettore Sottsass, Philippe Starck, Jaime Hayon, Marcel Wanders and Virgil Abloh. Thus, through these various collaborations, each has been able to bring a particular artistic vision, constantly pushing the limits of technique and defying the laws of matter and the absolute complicity between artists and craftsmen, resulting in singular creations rich in imagination and this in order to make the greatest number of us dream.

In addition, the House develops its concepts all over the world. Indeed, from Paris to Moscow, from New York to Tokyo, from Miami to Hong Kong, the Baccarat experience is lived in the heart of its Houses, shops, hotels, restaurants, spas, bars and lounges for a most total wonder and thus making you travel in a captivating and enchanting universe. Baccarat then proves to be a true alchemist of joy.

Tsar glasses - Baccarat

The Baccarat universe illuminates Bordeaux

Maison Baccarat has opened a boutique in Bordeaux, 5 Cours de l'Intendance, not far from our real estate agency BARNES Bordeaux and is open Monday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. You will be able to immerse yourself in the Grand Bal Baccarat Bordeaux and discover the joy, the light and the pleasure, so many reasons for the existence of the House.

Within the scintillating universe of the Bordeaux boutique, discover the entire collection: vases, glasses, carafes, lamps, jewelery and accessories, all bearing a precious story that will take you on a waltz of emotions.

During this enchanted Christmas period, Baccarat has decorated the Relais & Châteaux Saint James Christmas tree to offer a sparkling Christmas to their customers.