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Vivre à Tabanac

History of Tabanac

On the eastern bank of the Garonne, south-east of Bordeaux, Tabanac is a historic town in Entre-deux-Mers. The occupation of its territory dates back to the Neolithic period. Gallo-Roman remains bear witness to the age of the site and its continued occupation throughout history. The parish has existed since the 6th century, as evidenced by the discovery in the cemetery of a very old marble sarcophagus. Initially made up of fiefdoms under the authority of the Provost of Entre-deux-Mers, the territory of Tabanac became in the 11th century the seat of an influential seigneury. The town takes its name from the illustrious family which includes one of the archbishops of Bordeaux in the 12th century as well as a monk from the abbey of La Sauve-Majeure, whose role was crucial for the development of the vineyards of the Between two seas. The parish of Tabanac becomes common during the Revolution and takes the provisional name of Coteau-Libre.

The essentials of Tabanac

Tabanac has around thirty listed buildings, including many noble houses from the 17th and 18th centuries. Today, the Château Renon, built in the 19th century, stands on the site of the original castle of the seigneury of Tabanac. Among the other remarkable monuments of the village is the Tour de Camail, built in the 17th century and also known as the “telegraph tower”. Dominating the vineyards with its slender silhouette, the Notre-Dame church was built in 1867 on the remains of the 12th century church. The territory of Tabanac is renowned for being covered by the Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux and Premier Côtes de Bordeaux appellations: great wines which contribute to the reputation and prestige of Bordeaux vineyards. The banks of the Garonne are one of the assets of the small town of Tabanac, whose territory stretches down to the river, accessible by rural roads and pleasant hiking trails. Nearby, the port of Langoiran and Lake Baurech constitute an important leisure reserve.

Living in Tabanac

The ideal destination if you dream of the countryside at the gates of the city, Tabanac offers a privileged quality of life just 20 km from the center of Bordeaux. Saint-Jean station can be reached in less than 30 minutes, as is Place Stalingrad on the right bank. Far from the atmosphere of the dormitories, in Tabanac you can enjoy great tranquility but still enjoy all the amenities and taste a real village atmosphere. The town has a medical practice, sale of organic vegetables, a hairdressing salon, a library, and many cultural and sports associations: theater, Pilates, horse riding, sculpture, dance, tennis or even Yoga, among a very wide range of leisure activities. The town also has a public school group and an after-school reception. Bus line 501 connects you to Bordeaux in 40 minutes (Stalingrad).