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life in saint sulpice et cameyrac

History of Saint-Sulpice-et-Cameyrac 

In 1790, when the communes were formed on the former territories of the parishes, the parish of Saint-Sulpice de Bernac was decreed commune of Saint-Sulpice. A first municipal council is formed and a mayor is appointed. The neighboring parish of Saint-Cyr de Cameyrac will form the commune of Cameyrac. In 1812, it will finally be attached to Saint-Sulpice whose name will remain since Saint-Sulpice-and-Cameyrac. This merger of two old parishes explains the existence on the commune of two churches. Well after the meeting of the two communes, an uninhabited moor has long continued to separate the two old villages of Saint-Sulpice and Cameyrac. Today, crops extend around the axis of 2 to 3 km that connects the two old villages.

The must-sees of Saint-Sulpice-et-Cameyrac

With its two churches formerly attached to the prestigious Abbey of Saint-Jean-d'Angély, Saint-Sulpice-and-Cameyrac has a remarkable religious heritage. The Saint-Roch church of Saint-Sulpice is built in the 12th century, on the foundations of a primitive church of the 10th century. The conservation of its four capitals is exceptional. Stained glass windows date from the very end of the 19th century. The Saint-Jean-Baptiste church in Cameyrac, further south, dates mainly from the early 14th century. The fortified bell tower could serve as a refuge during the wars of religion. The built heritage of the village also has several castles: Castles Badine and Quantin, fortified mansions of the 16th century, but also the castle Beauval dating from the late 18th century.

Living in Saint-Sulpice-et-Cameyrac

Located between Dordogne and Garonne, the village of Saint-Sulpice-and-Cameyrac offers a soothing lifestyle in a privileged environment. It is located just 30 minutes from the heart of Bordeaux, and 20 minutes from the districts of the right bank of Bordeaux. The poor urbanization of the right bank of the Garonne allows quick access to the Bordeaux metropolis. Saint-Sulpice-and-Cameyrac is located on the Paris-Bordeaux railway line, and therefore allows to go by train to the station Saint-Jean. This town of Entre Deux Mers has for its inhabitants a nursery school and an elementary school, a home of leisure, many sports clubs and cultural associations. Is appreciated in the town the presence of an equestrian center and the golf of Bordeaux-Cameyrac composed of a 9-hole course and an 18-hole course.

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